Monday, March 21, 2011

Japan Radiation

This is good news, a graphic description of real data of radiation readings through out Japan, compared to normal times (min and max).   Check it out.

However that said, very little news from the plant, just more smoke of unknown origin at 2 and 3 (both quite blown up), no reports of the actual radiation levels.   I do not take that as good news.   They might have to bury 2 and 3 in concrete (which makes a mess that you basically can't touch again, forever), in order to work on 1 and 4.

Good luck to them!  Gambate!

The limit for workers exposure is 250 milli-SV per hour (raised from 100 just lately).    Civilian get around 2.5 milli-SV per year.    So if on site at maximum allowable radiation, that worker is receiving a lifetime of radiation in 1 hour, each hour they stay.    People will and have sacrificed their lives for the good of their country and their children.

Various form of radiation are produced, it gets tricky.   But the real answer is simple ---it's all bad, just a matter of how bad.

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