Monday, March 21, 2011

Euro and Nasdaq complete upward move simultanously - BULLISH

Awoooo, Werewolves of London....Awooo!  PICTURE of moon taken by Steveo, March 19, 2011, Oahu, Hawaii

When the moon does act (this super moon over the weekend) it tends to be a few days after the moon.

These are about as clearcut as channels get.   Sunday was an obvious round of "futures support", well of course, indices were up all over based on "less bad news".   Quite the bullish long as a nuclear meltdown doesn't occur, party like it's 1999!    Hooowah!

Not often do you see a perfect touch of the channel line down to .01 cents or perfect.    Euro did that.

After getting beat up on ES short futures over the weekend...I closed on Sunday, however, started shorts on NQ and EUR/USD at close of trading based on these channels.


  1. I second your emotion. Been following the same euro channel, and that stock market cue is a gem.

    I give a 50-50 chance of slightly higher highs for both, but would prefer not to bother. Won't change anything, will just make for a little more thumb twiddling.

    Full moon shore looks purdy, don't it, now?


    Further kickdown from the PRS 75, nice touch for the Nasdaq NQ short

    However Euro/USD proving that PIIGS can indeed fly or at least levitate.


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