Monday, March 21, 2011

Comment on the Disaster in Japan

From another blog----same type of questions I have been asking.   The Japanese people know that their government has let them down.  Sure, it is a lot to handle, but these things are basic.   


Why weren't diesel generators/batteries helicoptered in on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4...? CH 47 load is 19,500 lbs, easily lifting generators.
Tokyo is only 250Km. A ship carrying a generator could have made it to Fukushima in 1/2 day.
The 5 man crew in my small town electric company strings 1 mile of line in a day. Why wasn't this task started on Day 1?
Of the pictures released of Fukushima plant, I see NO EVIDENCE of the Tsunami reaching the plant. No mud/debris/water lines. No junk scattered on top of things around the plant. (Only the explosion's debris.
For Americans watching crime shows their entire lives, it sure seems Americans have NOT learned the most basic detective skills. I give no EXCUSE for the Corporate Reporters for not asking these questions!

The state of journalism in America has reached new lows.

However I have a bone to pick with this author---this before and after picture shows lots of stuff swept away, and plenty of mud.   So yes they did get hit.   Now this will make your blood boil---they designed the diesel tanks to supply all the backup equipment and place the 2 tanks just yards from the water.   That is amazing, the tanks were taken away by the tsunami.

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