Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Rant on the Nukes

After more extensive reading last night, The GE Mark 1 reactor (shouldn't the "1" worry you?), was an initial design that was quickly upgraded a few times.   There was even a retrofit recommended for the mark 1, but no one can say whether that retrofit was conducted at Fukushima.

Okay, take a hit with the 2x4 between the eyes.   The containment "vessel" is built to withstand 70PSI, although they are not tested to 70 PSI.   However when tests were done to 70 PSI, the lid actually lifted off, and an o ring type seal let the pressure (radiation) escape.   After 40 years...wonder how good those O-rings are?

Here is the 2x4 between your eyes.....your water heater at your house is tested to 150PSI and will probably withstand alot more, like 300 to 500 PSI.    From the world of WTF?!!

Your household water heater is built to higher standards than the nuclear containment vessel.   Contact your congressman for and Mark 1,2, 3, or 4 reactors in your neighborhood.   This is a joke, and very bad and dangerous joke.

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