Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nuclear Straight Talk Japan

I thought one of the best sites "went dark", in fact they started a new tabbed "page" on their blog, here it is

In fact, I will also add this to my specialty blog page for Japan Nuclear.    It may be the biggest story of the decade or more.    Check the blue tabs at the top of Hawaii Trading blog, and drop a comment OK, is anyone out their reading or am I just wasting my time? 

Seriously, if I see no comments, a click through means almost nothing.

Deception or honest reporting?

When I read the above I think....F'n BS What do you think?


  1. The situation is deteriorating from what little information becomes available in the press. I noticed about a week after the tsunami, that the amount of information of any quality that was coming out of Japan quickly diminished. This type of behavior by the Japanese authorities makes me suspect cover-up. I wonder if the reactors are going through meltdown and authorities are simply dumbfounded so they deny deny deny.

  2. Steveo, I'm looking for ways to better analyze charts, not nuclear reactors. Of course they were sloppy over there. May be we should send a "mercy ship" of lawyers over there.

    The eggs are quite helpful with analysis.

  3. What gets me is Hillary Clinton saying that nobody could have anticipated this. Really? Japan, earthquakes, and tsunamis?

  4. I understand, however I think this situation in Japan is potentially market moving "news" and potential long term impacts on many facets of our lives.

  5. Yes, there is obvious "excuse gathering" and has been from the get go. If someone is getting paid to regulate, using hard earned dollars of taxpayers, we should demand more from them.

  6. They are undergoing fission, which may actually be completely outside the containment area, regardless either way it stinks. Ignorance and denial....the hobgoblins of evolution.

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