Saturday, March 26, 2011

Long Term S&P "Egg" aka Ellipse of Doom

This submitted by a reader.   Wow. 
The incredible Egg.

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  1. Wow alright!

    I am speechless...and I drew the chart! Thanks for publishing, I thought it worth sharing.
    There are many more time tricks, angles and so forth if you investigate. It just "junks' up these charts to over annotate, they get busy real quick.

    Who knows how it actually plays out, these eggs do pop outside of expected boundaries. It looks to me though that the eggshell is a good protection level to consider as time moves forward.

    I've been looking for some reason to explain what happened to Prechter in 1995. He had a good if not great reason for his top call back in 1995. I suspect myself it was cycle work and not Elliott Wave theory. I have seen in the past that some of his interim specials calling tops as completed EW waves "cooincidentally" happened at the same times as astro or other time based things. What I am saying in longhand is that with time based cycle work what you have is a time target ahead of time. He was sure it was a high. It looks to me to have been a significant date for sure but it was a low or end fo a retracement that he called.

    If anyone is reading and paying attention, if we do follow the proposed 38 degree triangle down we would break the bottom trendline from 1982 and we could get Prechters targets for this secular bear that take us back to 1970's levels.

    That would BK all the insurance companies in my mind. One of the biggies almost failed last trip down. How could they stand a drop like that. In any case, it hasn't happened yet and very well may not but if it better come up with a different playbook than you have been taught.

    Maybe it is just a cute coiincidental egg.....

    Cometo B.

  2. Nice work, and my tentative dollar death timeline concurs

    Option ARM resets and commercial RE maturation will one of the several factors helping to sink the market.

  3. I'm curious how that egg would look on a log chart.

  4. I'm curious how that egg would look with some crispy bacon and toasted 7-grain.

    Seriously, a brilliant discovery, Cometo. I've been staring at the same thing for months and felt it was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't figure out what. I think maybe you've figured out what. Thanks.

  5. Bucky Guy - I do have a log chart of the same thing in my stockcharts account. I'll get at it later and send to Steveo or link to my account. I think if I don't have advanced annotations you can read it w/o a subscription. Its a little different but "counted" even better in some aspects.

  6. Send me the link, I now have a Stockcharts Account

  7. Could you comment on what happens where 3 (at least) lines intersect around June 2013? In layperson's terms, please. (OK, for Dummies, I'm just trying to be nice here)

    Amazing chart!!

  8. I will close my short positions at that time, and then set an automatic order to reshort on further weakness. My target for S&P is 200, although continued printing, aka "digitizing the banks balance sheet" may inflate that number when expressed in US dollars.

  9. I'm a great fan of that style charting Cometo!


  10. "Egg of Doom" - BS I think ... Looks like a classic failed rally on low volume.

  11. Well...the beauty of life if you can accept it is that we don't know what will happen in June 2013. I am working on a time machine but it turns out these things are a bit difficult to build. If the charts did point to something significant it could be either a high or low. You will have to have proper trading skills to make any use of any charts. If you are just starting (or have been losing money for years!) check out Van Tharps work on trading discipline. Learn it and live it and you will be just fine. Don't trust your instincts or things like my egg. Take risks but protect yourself. Have fun. Good luck!

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