Monday, April 4, 2011

Ban the dog, formally and affectionately known as Ban-Chan

From the world of weird and kind of cool.

We named our first dog Ban-Chan.    Chan is like a name suffix in Japanese, like San, i.e. Miyashiro-San.
Chan is the suffix for "cute things".    Hence, Ban-Chan.   We figured this was the only dog on the planet name Ban--we were wrong on that one.

Then on TV we saw last night that the "miracle dog" rescued from the Sargasso Ogre flotilla was re-united with it's owner, and her name is also Ban.    This is really weird, but cool.


  1. This is incredibly cool, Steve!

  2. That is cool! I'm on Oahu too, good to see a fellow trader/blogger. How's everything going?

  3. Most excellent, the world moves on in semi-predictable ways.
    You have your own blog, or participate on others?
    Pray for Japan, they need help. I posted some other article and spreadsheet on Hawaii radiation monitoring, so far no real worries.


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