Monday, April 4, 2011

Intentionally Dumping Radioactive Water in the Sea is the Best Option

Why have got to this stage? Gross negligence and lack of emergency management, bureaucracy, and finger pointing.

They say 10,000 tons of radioactive water to be "disposed of"  that is quite a bit, around 2,500,000 gallons. However 20,000 gallon above ground storage tanks are readily accessible, and larger I am sure. They should have helicoptered in 100 of these tanks for temporary storage. These tanks should have been sitting on site 3 weeks ago, for contingency--just in case they were needed.  5 helicopters delivering 3 tanks per day each, would require 7 days to deliver the needed tanks.  

Why was this not done?  

Why is there not a concrete batching plant being set up within a few miles?

What about the Cesium in that water, with a half life of 30 years?   They only focus on Iodine, which is "safe" after 8 days (NOT - that is a big lie that has been floated several times on real 'news').  

Again, check this source.  They seem to be the last source of "bad news".   Seems like the other media outlets were told to "tune it down".

By the way, this is the perfect back drop as an excuse for the US failed /failing monetary policy.


  1. Agreed... It appears they are just waiting and hoping.

    I disagree that they wanted an excuse though. IMO this really screws up their 'reflate or die' strategy. Even if a reactor doesn't go full on Chernobyl, IMO this is going to go down as the biggest failures of government, industry and common sense in 100 years (bad reactor design built on a fault line in a tsunami zone with spend rod storage exceeding capacity = Major WTF!?!)

    Also... Have you looked at copper lately? Pretty big divergence vs. SP, and it's getting bigger.

  2. Copper, indeed, confirmed downtrend, and hogwash to those who say copper and S&P are no longer correlated....they are as you said, diverging.

    Not saying ol Ben wanted an excuse, but they have one. Maybe it's good, they can save face and start doing what is right.

  3. Frankly I wonder if they're smart enough to TAKE this excuse...

    Assuming they CAN take it... Things might be so bad behind the curtain that they can't stop pumping for any reason.

    4 hour SP looks like a picture perfect dead cat bounce. Almost wish I was trading it.

  4. Maybe they keep pumping salt water in, and eventually jobs are created. I mean maybe if they keep pumping money the fish won't be radioactive....I mean....I am short NKD on fundamentals, man I hate that word fundamentals.

  5. Lol, "prime the pump"!

    Short on the fundamentals... HAHAHA that's a good one... : p

    Seriously, good luck.

  6. Even a blind pig occasionally finds a truffle


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