Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fear Factor

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We have various sponsors, if you Klik on them it is about one dollar per klik, see what they are selling.   When EWI start buying spots, I think I will turn that feature off.   Ouch.   

Fear Factor, the 25% channel line is a pretty good "interior channel" all by itself.  I can't do the PRS on Prophet charts, so we have to live with this standard 0/25/50/75/100 channel.

The kiss on the 25%and the Bollinger Band AND nearly a FF Gap Fill, well what can I say.   Sure our central planners can throw our tax money at a useless endeavor like levitating an overstuffed pig.   At some point fundamentals do matter,  just don't go broke before that happens.

Cable with a "blow off top" pressing the old channel line, popping it really.  My expectation is a sizable move down on Cable (that is the British Pound compared to the USD).   And with the so called announcement that China wants to sell off USD big time (treasuries), I expect that to be Sunday deception to scare people out of the USD at the worst possible time.   

And futures on US indices looking down at the moment, maybe even HBB is taking the Easter Sunday off, enjoying the Hamptons on your tax dollar.


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