Friday, April 15, 2011

Fission doesn't sleep

So nice that Friday afternoon is here, the long week is over, and I can take a break until.....Saturday morning!  But an easy one, starting at 7:30 AM, yeah! almost like a holiday.

Doing renewable energy, a few kilowatts at a day, in a Terawatt environment..   Hmmmm.....Oil, nuclear.... sorry to say, with Coal, I think we need them all going forward.   Wind is good the right places.

The lies and disinformation of Fukushima are classic.   Just now we see reports that the reactors vessels might have a little bit of "blob" leaked out.   From the data we knew that 2 and 3 weeks ago.

BUT this part is scary --first time I felt any bit of fear -- after they pumped 160 tons of high radiation water into a "basement" they found that the high radiation water level returned to the same level the next day.  

That means-- the ground is saturated with high radiation water, which is finding every which way to somewhere else.   

Half my family lives in Japan, and someday I thought I may move there.   For now that is sketchy at best.

Fission doesn't sleep.  It does not respond to rheoteric or wishful thinking.  

Fission does not take the weekend off.

It is like racing cars on a limited budget, you get it done, or not, and BS walks.  But this is far worse than just a bad or failed race, this is long term damage to the human species.   Seriously. 

Prussian Blue look it up.   Cesium protection--this is real fix, not just wishful thinking.  

Uranium protection... look it up---- Sodium Bicarbonate....wait that is Baking Soda....OK put that in your "shelter at home" or "TO GO" Big Box.

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