Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nuke stuff seen on other blog

Independent Water Quality Tests
In the light of the lack of testing of drinking water by state and municipal authorities it is reasonable to assume the following:
From independent water quality tests throughout the nation, rainwater has largely been found to contain radioactive contaminates.
River water, surface vegetation and produce have been contaminated by rainwater.
Rain water has carried the radiation into the soil and into ground water. The ground water is likely contaminated.
There are no reports that any tested area in the northern hemisphere that now remain totally clear of any tell tale Iodine-131.
Therefore based on data reported thus far
we are screwed and should anticipate more of the same. The radiation contamination is bio-cumulative, each passing minute adds to the previous fallout. The passage of time therefore and weather patterns are variables that will determine at what rate the contamination will occur.
Protective individual action to purify your own water is the last line of defense. Whole house and point of use filtration is required.
Personal Responsibility over ones health
The only person left who will defend you and your family is you. Act now, swim against the tide of banana promoting experts who recommend doing nothing as civilization is being poisoned though drinking and cooking with raw tap water. Not to speak of showering, washing laundry and baby in it.
Resist the urge to give up, you can do this. Think of all the challenges you have overcome. Take a moment and gather yourself.


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  2. I can't believe that this radiation has traveled so far so quickly. They are trying to downplay the safety issues and magnifying the less harmful substance. The fact is that the cesium 137 is also approaching maximum safe levels in our drinking water and food supply. We need to be sure to rinse our foods in sea salt or nascent iodine and treat our water with a Water Purification Tablet and reverse osmosis or distillation or get it from a source that does that. This is really important to keeping us all healthy.


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