Saturday, April 16, 2011

Truth benefits the recipient not the giver, VIX, moon, earthquakes

Well, truth could potentially benefit the giver, like if any gave a Klik!

I always encourage people on sites like Daneric (we are on their blog roll and that is a big honor), and Slope of Hope (we are a listed contributor to articles, and, duh, that is a big honor), and Zerohedge (we have been published on Zerohedge, and super duh, massive honor, thanks to dnarby who suggested I submit an article to them)...I encourage them to klik some adz, visit some sponzers!  

nice VIX chart.  Also full moon soon, that does cause earthquakes.   I am not sure why "scientists" deny that, it is a no-brainer.    Maybe they don't want to scare the sheep.   Incredible amount of earthquake still occurring in Japan, and they at Fukushima moved their generator to higher ground, they do have scientists in Japan that can predict earthquakes pretty well, I wonder if something is up.

 Silver Fractals

 Short term VIX


  1. I had not heard about moving the generators higher at Fukushima.
    The timing may not be coincidental.
    I am not sure if any of your readers had seen this earthquake forecast that ends April 19th.


  2. last time vix was under 15, it traded sideways for 2 weeks

  3. i don't think anybody would let me guest write at their site. i used to guest write for tradinggoddess. i could probably guest write for ibankcoin, the fly...
    hot option babe, maybe.
    congrats on that guest writing.

  4. Thanks for the link and feel free to post links to your blog or other stuff at any time.

  5. Write something up and email me, I will 95% publish it, unless it sucks

    stock (at)

  6. Employees at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant have been hailed as heroes for subjecting themselves to dangerous levels of radiation while they desperately labor to prevent a massive meltdown. Now, details of the conditions and fears of the so-called Fukushima 50 — the small group that stayed behind when most of the plant's workers were evacuated after the March 11 tsunami — have begun to emerge.
    Are their lives in danger?
    Yes. Distraught relatives say that many of the plant's workers assume they are undertaking a suicide mission. They have been exposed to extremely high doses of radiation, and several have been treated for radiation burns. doomed-to-death

  7. Anyone else noticing copper broke a trendline to the downside? Not a big break yet, but...

    Seems like we are way overdue for some RISK ON pain and a dollar rally...


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