Saturday, April 16, 2011


From a post from Zstock.

Something that bascially no one knows.   At the beginning of the crisis, the Prime Minister talked to the Fukushima 50, and this is translated from Japanese by my wife who is native Japanese.....she said, he said "prepare yourselves, no one except you can do this".

What that means is....prepare your resolve, your gumption, your soul.    Do it for your country and your country men and women.   Prepare to die, is what the PM told them.    They are already heroes, they will forever be heroes.   Let us not screw this up and squander their lives.

I still believe that some will need to give the greatest gift to protect others, their lives.  However, I also believe that 200,000 people ought to be fighting this in every way possible.   I am amazed that they lack anything that can be had in the world or flown in a Huey helicopter.

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  1. This is a very unfortunate event. We've had 50 years of history showing us severe catastrophes that nuclear radiation can cause. I've even heard that some brave Japanese workers have given their lives to help clean up the mess. I salute them for their bravery in a toxic situation. I am also praying for this mess to be dissipated quickly and not harm many people.

    Herbs should be our first line of protection against radiation and heavy metal poisoning (cesium 137 and plutonium are heavy metals.)I hope people do take some precautions so they don't get sick though. Like using some simple and common Herbs for Radiation exposure and protection.

    We all need to help each other and knowledge is one of the greatest gifts.


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