Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I call BS

Clip  above is the Hawaii News, also misinforming the public.

Detected I-131, Cesium 134 and 137.   Lady states if you drank 4000 cups of milk that would be equivalent to a dental Xray.  

I call BS!   Comparing any internal transmitter to any dental Xray or CT scan is completely bogus.  

They are stating "there is absolutely no health risk"

I call BS....any radiation is a danger, even the so called back ground radiation.

They are monitoring beaches now, in order to "establish a baseline", uh excuse me, but I call BS---you are stating that you are establishing a baseline during a nuclear emergency?   Huh?     I think a seven year old would understand that falicy of that strategy.


  1. Steveo... Don't scare the sheeple, they tend to stampede.

  2. Having been to Hawaii, I feel bad.
    The milk was already too expensive.
    Most stuff is imported (linked to fuel prices)
    and the natural resources are volcanic rock, tourism, fish and plants.

    can you consider relocating?

  3. uh, my choices are Japan or New Zealand, and both of those are kind of sucking at the moment.

  4. this link;region=Pacific
    too close.

  5. dont' click on Xe-133 pacific
    you'll freak out.

  6. Ha ha ha!! Yeah, why do you think governments and the media make sure we don't know the truth? They're protecting us from...from....well, they're protecting us!


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