Friday, April 1, 2011

McC Thurs, Put/call, Moon, Jobs, Lions, and Tigers, and Burnt Bears oh my!

As mentioned before McC was nearly 0 on Thursday, that portends a big move.

Put call is quite high, that is usually not a good sign for bears.

New Moon (no moon) freaks people out, that is Sunday for the new Moon after the Equinox.

News of hiking interest rates by Fed can only be seen as "mis-direction"

Jobs report appeared good

100% cash, except for some long term positions in Gold miner juiors and Nat Gas (i.e. the worst performers of the last year).


  1. Excellent analysis Steveo. I too am quite leery of this unpredictable market. My holdings are primarily 40% gold bullion, 5% silver bullion, 10% gold juniors, 20% cash and some farmland. Hopefully I am just being overcautious.

    Thank you for your continuing efforts.


  2. Nice portfolio, there is a reasonable price of being over prepared, the cost of being unprepared could be unacceptably high. Thanks for stopping in, have a good weekend


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