Friday, April 1, 2011

Dogs and Rays and Dolphins Oh My!

Here is a feel good Friday night post.    Helicopter crews in Japan rescued a dog floating on a house after 3 weeks.   Apparently there are still lots of houses floating around, amazing. 

They had to make up the excuse that "there might be humans inside the house" in order to justify the rescue time and cost....the dog world thanks you for that.    You wouldn't leave your best friend to die if you could save him, after all.

Even cooler, the helicopter drop a rescuer to water level, but couldn't coax the dog out of the house.  The helo had to leave due to low fuel.  then they sent a boat to the Sargasso Orge flotilla of rubbish and houses to rescue the dog which succeeded!   yeah!
And, I have said a few the animals, when they start acting real sketchy, we are in for a socio-emotional event of Elliot proportions.

And another feel good story about saving a dolphin a mile from the coast in a rice field.

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