Monday, May 2, 2011

Asset Class Summary Predicted this Drop, and Gap Fill with no reversal

See last weeks post, not just the channel line nailed it--pointing out a near term top, but as Dnarby pointed out the timing between peaks was almost perfect 4 times in a row.  

Well it offered up a shooting star so far today, we will see

And below, from BPT, just a heads up. Gap fill, but no apparent reversal, we will see.....


  1. Steve...if you're still talking to me...that asset class chart with the timing peak to peak is brilliant! BRILLIANT!

    As for mutations, a lot of times I just have to block out the horrors to come. Luckily, as it turns out, I have no children, no nieces or nephews, nada. So in a weird way, I can detach myself from things that will happen after I'm dead and gone, which I figure is 20 to 30 years out if my luck holds out.

    It's the one little silver lining to realizing my mortality. I won't be here to see some of this insanity come home to roost. Although the financial part of it, well, that might be a different story, but they're printing a lot of dough to make sure I miss it! Bless them. (cough)

  2. Of course, no worries.
    Unfortunately I am planning on living another 50 to 60 years, maybe more , hehe.
    Dnarby pointing out the timing after I posted the first chart. Nailed it. But it only worked the last few years, and beyond 2005 my chart blows up since the GLD wasn't in existence.
    Wish I had all the time in the world, would grab data from Bloomberg or something and Excel up my own without relying on Prophet charts, that time is not now though.


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