Monday, May 2, 2011

SPY Trade System

This is Sunday Night. We just recently published information regarding a long awaited swing trade system for the S&P using SPY ETF.

91% winning trades. Read the full info at BPT site including disclaimers, the legal, all that.

BUT if you have interest, you must first sign up as a member, please use the link on the left, as I get "credit" extension to my own membership. I did sign up for the SPY today, I will put $100,000 into the system.

IF YOU HAVE INTEREST--DO THIS MONDAY AM, First Thing! Almost all the memberships are filled, 500 max.

I want to warn you...this is "not cheap", it cost's more than EWI (which I gave up on), but even with a 10,000 account the average profit per year was around $3250 using the SPY system.  

You need the basic membership, $40 per month, and then you "rent" the SPY trade system for $60 per month.   Seriously though, BPT often has 5 to 15 untriggered individual stock trade idea, and you hit on a few of  those, and all the fees are paid for.  

The SPY system is nice because you don't have to be tethered to your computer to take advantage of it.   They have 2 systems....all in, all in.   Or "nibble in nibble out" by percentages.

The all in system averages just 17 trades a year to average 30+% return.   I have seen similar returns on same day trade systems that you have to be sitting in front of your computer and always ready or you miss much of the returns.   Just not realistic, not for me anyway.

Q: Is the system always in the market, always in a trade?
A: No, the system is not always in a trade, in fact it's only in the market about 48% of the time! Most of the time when the system exits a trade, it will go 'Flat' for a while until it sees another entry. This is actually a good thing because it frees up your money to do other trades! In addition, successful traders know that Cash is a position! Risk management is the primary objective here. The system is only in the market when it sees a statistical reason to be, it does not force trades.

Q: How many trades does the system typically do in a year?
A: On average the system does about 17 trades a year - see the Statistics tabs for the Single Entry and Multi Entry systems.

Q: What are the statistics of the system? Profit Factor, % winning trades, etc?
A: Please see the 'System Statistics tabs for the Single Entry and Multi Entry systems for more detail; however the system has been about 91% profitable with a profit factor greater then 27, which is insane. The Multi Entry system has even better statistics with a profit factor of 37 and 96% winning trades.

Q: It's been just over a month since the system closed out its last trade, is this normal? Why hasn't there been a new trade?A: Yes this is perfectly normal; please review the system statistics in detail as well as the example charts. While this is generally rare, there have been a few instances where the system was out or out of the market for 1 - 2 months at a time.

First, sign up for membership using the link on my blog on upper right.   Indeed they do credit me subscription time, and I guarantee there is no extra cost to you, and sometime BPT offers a coupon for Hawaii Trading people only, so no extra cost, possible extra benefit, and it helps me stay motivated to keep producing good charts and ideas.

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