Sunday, May 1, 2011

Custom Asset Class total

Custom Hawaii Trading Chart that sums up assets classes, The s&P500, Bonds, Gold, and Housing (using Homebuilders)

SPY came into existence in 2000
TLT in 2001
GLD in 2004
XHB in 2005

And although I don't use SLV in my construct, it was conjured up in 2006

In case you were living under a rock, or out enjoying you life, Silver crashed over 10% on Sunday afternoon, many hours before announcement of a presidential announcement (Bin Laden assassinated in Pakistan by US forces)

So this construct (aka ratio chart) only makes sense after 2005, so very long term trends cannot be analyzed.

The multi-year trends show a very interesting time and channel pattern, which basically last week called a medium term top.

See here

And here is the chart from last week

Here is a longer term chart

Maybe SPY will reach for 78 Fibo.    Seems like no 78 goes untouched these days.

And this Japanese top official resigned last week, in tears, because the Gov was breaking too many rules about radiation safety, and he was their expert on radiation safety.     Having a job in Japan is equivalent to "being set for life" but having a top Gov job in Japan is totally being set.   What madness would cause a high level resignation?    You fill in the blanks.

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