Monday, May 9, 2011

Downloadable Spreadsheet with SPX trade results from 1995

This spreadsheet was made using some old 2X S&P 500 funds that are buy at close, sell at close only.

Check it out!  and please comment.    Besides the cost of the service (not through Hawaii Trading), I wonder why anyone wouldn't want to try this.   Cost is $60 plus the base membership, which is $40, so it is really $100 a month.   If you have a $5000 account, you should focus on working to create some money, not trading the indices....this subscription won't be really worth it to you. 

If you have a $100,000 you can allocate, then you do the math, review with your trusted advisor, etc.


SPX Trade Performance Summary Spreadsheet


  1. Steveo...interesting...but did you look at the drawdown on 2/23/09 and 9/24/09?

    I only looked quickly and those stood out.

  2. Checked it quick, it is an obvious error with their default "1.00" being used to indicate a money market move, but in this case it should have been the URPIX or ULPIX value instead of the 1.00. A bit odd, I think I will parse the short or long tickers out, and then chart then chronologically, and the odd stuff should pop out.

    $66M does sound extreme to me, hell, I would be ok with one tenth of that.


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