Monday, May 9, 2011

Main currencies rally? Lying as standard operating procedure

Odd, from the PRS channels, the USD, the GBP, and the Euro all seem to want to have an intermediate term rally.

I can't see how that is all possible at the same time.   Maybe Euro tanks through the PRS 177 and the other 2 rally.  

I did close my GBP short on Sunday, which was nearly perfect.


What you hear, is most likely to be a lie, what if I am lying right now?

Man, and you thought you could at least trust a Luxembourgian (from Zero Hedge)


  1. Those Zero Hedgers really like a good conspiracy story.

  2. BTW, Copper just has just about done the 38.1 retrace of the run up since last June. What do your pitch forks tell you? Thanks

  3. Hell, we all know they are lying, why get in a tizzy about that, other things to spend productive energy on. But the Luxembourgians, my my..

  4. HT doesn't do pitchforks...


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