Friday, May 20, 2011

Heretics of Financial Blogging

Social Networking, as a computer activity, is headed for a massive bust.   Perhaps it will go parabolic like Silver.

Someday, in 6 months, or 7 years, internet based social networking will become widely know as "massive evil".    Indeed, Google search activitiy based on "user profiles" will also be seen as very bad, and perhaps outlawed completly.   

I could hand all the information necessary to you to form this opinion, but that would result in you never forming this opinion, and it is an important one.   Therefore, I present only the premise, if you want the proof do your own independent thinking.  

For now, it is party like it is 1999.   Perhaps we should "cover our noses" and jump on this stinky bus.


  1.  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! It's an inevitable consequence of the souring social mood that started taking root in 2000-2001. Any evidence you have to further support this view is more weight in favor of it.

    The day is fast approaching when displaying all of your personal details and the events of your life publicly, like an idiot, on highly accessible sites, will be seen as the height of stupidity, and inconceivable.

    Glad to see you survived the Rapture! lol  Been insanely busy, hope you don't mind that I'm back. 

  2.  Hey Dark, appreciate your comments all the time.   Heck I didn't even know the rapture was going to happen, guess I saved some gray hairs by being oblivious.  I mentioned before that I eliminated my Facebook accounts (generated 2 by some mistake), but I still get email from Facebook. 

    Stop in anytime.


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