Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moon cycles and Black Swans mutating

Funny how Dubai has been so far off the radar for so long.

"It" doesn't matter until it does, then it springs out.

As mentioned before the market and moon cycles are sometimes incredibly aligned, and then they go out of alignment, for many months (many moons as the saying goes).   The moon is cool, it's adds alot to our existence here on earth.

It is expiry Friday, not so wild moving as one may think in general, but tomorrow might be a bit more exciting.    I think it hits the top of this trendline, and then heads downs, perhaps intraday, to satisfy the trendline, yet b-slap the call holders at the same time, get them to panic out and worse prices than just holding.   Just saying.


  1. I tend to agree.  We seem to get near, or hit the 78.6% Fib level and then plunge.

    Once (if) this happens, I anticipate a big pullback in copper with negative news from China. 
    Of course I could be mistaken.


  2.  I hear that Chinese have been using stockpiles of copper as backing for loans, like a secondary kind of currency for gamblers.


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