Monday, May 16, 2011

The usual suspects

Swat down from the blue line on EUR/USD?   Just not sure, hard to predict more downside after a near vertical 6% down already occurred.

Cable, the "old" PRS seems to have come back into play, just like Euro, Cable seems pretty beaten down, hard to predict more down, I just don't see any clarity here.

Fear Factor, nothing astounding here, just more of the Tight Snout.   But odd that Fear as measured by the FF, went down as the SPX whipsawed up and down but mainly down.


  1.  I have been a member at here for a while and this is great stuff. Another guy to take a look at is the FFT guy, who called the market crash back in 2008. He is great and does videos of the ES and is bizarrely accurate. I have been a member there, and his stuff is AWESOME.

    His site is over at

    Very good, and clear cut guy who knows his stuff.

    Just sayin, well worth a look.

  2.  Thanks, and thanks for stopping in.


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