Saturday, June 11, 2011

Armstrong -- Martin that is

Wow, three days since the last post (must be sign of an exhaustion top)

On Monday I wrote -- ES and Euro ready to plunge, and indeed they did.

That post is here.

Funny reading EWI from May.
They seem to have lost their mojo, or even their ability to pretend that they are always right.    In one case they state "just thinking aloud" as if a pre-excuse for being wrong, then in another section, they state that their previous ratio chart of Dow/GLD was just plain wrong.   Very odd.

Here are a few docs from Martin Armstrong.    This is not MSM.   The second one is his 1998 "fall tour" with predictions which are actually quite startling.

And here is your "POMO me now Pumps" schedule

To end right after July 4 holiday, which is the Fear factor based end of the world as we once knew it.
See prior post

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