Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trade Ideas

If you haven't checked them out, try out a FREE 2 week membership, I did that about 4 times using different email addresses.    That was a waste of effort....then I finally joined up and have been happily paying their fee, much less than I am making on simple quick trade ideas and great overall market analysis.    

And when you are ready....use the link on my blog to sign up, it doesn't cost you anymore, but gives me credits.   It helps the cause for sure.  Please consider it.  

Check them out here.


  1. Clicked an ad, and I do appreciate your work. BTW,  I'm in the process of upgrading software to be able to send charts.  Hope to do that in near future. 

    Surprised you haven't commented on the ellipses (arcs really) on the indices.  RUT really looks good on the weekly, going back to the 7/10 bottom, but DOW, SPX annd NAS all have them too.  The ellipses look similar to the 3/2009-4/2010 ellipse, but a bit larger .  What I fiind interesting is that in 2/10, we nearly touched down on that ellipse, but didn't touch down fully because of  the 34sma on the weekly chart across the board on the indices.  We appear to have nearly touched down on the ellipses (arcs) with this wave 4 cuurenly, and are straddling the 34sma weekly once again.  SO based on that, we might expect a large wave 5 run up for a few months, then a big crash back to the ellipse.

  2. Hey, Steve, I forgot to mention that I did sign up for the Breakpoint freebie using your link, couple of weeks ago. Do you get even more credits if I roll that into a paying subscription? I like these fact, I have a  few charts with the same lines and notations they have! ha ha So how can I not like them?

  3. It is hard "look" for someone else's ideas on charts...
    but if you send a chart (it is easy enough) then it is feasible.  

    But I kind of like the 5 wave bear crushing last push idea.    Well at least from a trading idea.    From a reality viewpoint....all these shenanigans stink.

  4. Nothing extra, but if you signup, please use the link on my blog.   Indeed, they are the "real deal" in a land where I don't see any other real deals on paid services.

  5. Ah, break point trades! I'm not a member and have never done a free trial. U know a few folks who love that site and one who enrolled in the SPY System sure thing short term trades. I hope it works out. I don't know much about it.

    I think this summer is no mans land. I think the bull market is okay and this is just a summer thing. As always it seems.

  6. Do the free trial, if you have any account over $10,000 and are spending time on the market, it would be silly not to buy their expert advice.


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