Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Egg of Doom Revisit, and the VOS indicator


above link to egg of doom


  1. "Finally, a few days before the epic
    earthquake in Japan on March 11th, we said to keep an eye on natural
    catastrophes which have been increasing at an alarming rate due to solar
    activity. We have been monitoring the direct correlation between the
    sun's eruptions and seismic activity on the earth. Our theory is that
    large earth directed eruptions on the sun (CMEs or coronal mass
    ejections) cause eruptions, or quakes on the earth. Although the sun has
    been quite active, no major eruptions have hit the earth recently.
    However, there has been an dramatic increase in the proton flux
    measurements, caused perhaps by the recent eruption as seen below. Is
    it a mere coincidence that the proton flux measurements recorded a few
    days before the 11th of March are eerily similar to this recent
    activity? Further, could the proton flux be the cause of the strange Florida weather in Finland? Try 88 degrees and balmy only a few hundred miles from the North Pole."via http://fiatsfire.blogspot.com/2011/06/thyroid-tuesday-japan-concedes-severity.html

  2. Is it just me or are there no ads to click on? I like to help out blogs i visit but this one, for some reason, doesn't have any ads that I see????

  3. Should be two at top and a group of four on the left, down a bit.   Mahalo for the sentiment

  4. Hi There, 

    trying to locate the very long term average red line that is going negative for the 1st time since 1982 on the egg of doom.

    The only red line I see going down is on the right side of the egg, was this what you were referring to, or did I miss it?

    Love your site - I was born at Tripler Hospital!

  5. Thanks, a click a day keep the subscription fee away.

    I believe you are speaking of the MACD 80,160,320, below the zero line....question answered.

    Tripler is the same color, I did the solar for the facility director, he spent $4M just on the paint materials, siliconized paint, wild stuff.


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