Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scary Headlines

Haven't Done a "Scary Headline" in a while.

June 15th is a lunar eclipse, which is when are 2 most gravitationally important solar system bodies, the Sun and the Moon, line up nearly perfectly.   It is a no-brainer that this is could be the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak.

Earthquake that is. 

Worst case scenario, another eartquake in Japan.   They are smart people, they study things, and have technology.    They built their country and infrastructure to withstand a 9.0 and not allow China to invade them. They study earthquakes.   Even though they have massive power shortages, they have shut down 2/3 of all their nuclear reactors.   Do you think they know something?

These are the facts.   Read between the lines, because the news is intentionally distorted or blacked out.

When there was an earthquake in Hawaii, I was amazed at the complete dearth of information provided on the news.    It was all about the Governor just reassuring people "don't panic", don't tie up the phone system if you don't have too, we are researching and we are in communication.   Don't panic.

Governments fear panic, a lot.  They will go to any length to avoid panic.

The fuel storage site at Fukuhima #4 is structurally unsound.   TEPCO has "plans" to shore it up in a few months.   They may not get that chance.  

The total "fuel" (mostly uranium, or 'once through' uranium) at Fukushima is around 2,500,000 lbs.   That is a lot.    8 lbs are needed to make a nuclear bomb.     Read this NEI data sheet that explains a little about the fuel storage, including the used fuel at #4.

After my guest post on ZeroHedge on March 16th, "Exposing" the vast problems at Fukushima, Tyler at Zerohedge has really had some great articles and expert input.   I would like to think that my contribution opened a few eyes, although anecdotal evidence shows that the vast majority of people in the US are effectively under nuclear news blackout conditions.

Here is my post on Zerohedge

One other good post from ZH is below, indicating that TEPCO has admitted that at time their has been open air fission at the number 4 pool, i.e. they lost the water probably due to cracks due to earthquake, or from the serious explosion that blew the entire roof and upper walls from the building.

Why do I keep harping on this?   Because it is probably the most important thing that has happened in our lives, and there is an effective news blackout.    That is extreme.   

Here is a new site I just found, it has data from Fukushima, scary data.   It looks too complete for them to be able to fudge all of it.  For instance, Unit 1 drywell radiation levels of 200 Sievert per hour.   That is Sievert, the big one.   Usually micro Sievert is the unit of measure.    The lifetime allowable for the plant workers was 100 Milli-Sievert, which was raised to 250 Milli-Sv.    Obviously no one is going into that drywell, because they would receive 800 lifetimes of radiation in 1 hour, probably a immediately lethal dose.

Here is some real video of a 5.6 aftershock causing explosions at the plant.
I am not sure what date this is, guessing Mid May from quick glance at earthquake data.


  1. I wouldn't say there's a blackout, more like "nobody gives a damn about this and the advertisers are bitching that nobody's buying their (new gadget ver. xxx), so we better go back to sleazy celebs flashing cooches".
    The MSM is 'broken' - but due to consumer apathy.  Until things get bad enough, nothing will change.  Expect gov't subsidized beer, snack food & cable TV right until the lights get shut off, sometime in late 2012.

  2. The big financial companies, like GE, own the media.  Literally.  

    Agree, though, as bad as things appears that nothing was learned.  also agree that the record food stamps is a way to prevent full on protests....great idea....subsidies for cable TV, yeah!   When reality TV is exposed as the most unreal thing around.   Uh Huh, like the "Patriot Act"


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