Sunday, June 5, 2011

SPX long term chart, Lucy and Charlie Brown

The chart notes say it all


  1. Interesting on the long term charts.  I've been watching a s/r line on the SNP that extends from the 1999/2000 HNS neckline, through the left half of the 2007 double top, and projects to around 1440, right where your two lines cross in the inset chart.  The line has two touches from the tech top, and two touches from the housing top.  If you can't see it I can give the dates of the touches. Do you see it?

  2. Greatly prefer if you can send a chart, it is not hard, and is a powerful tool.

    Try Jing, it is free and pretty easy, might take you 10 minutes to develop this "technology"

  3. OK ill bite, how about the dates.  Mahalo,
    PS Disqus is not giving notification of comments being placed, so you could also email to
    stock   (at)


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