Friday, June 3, 2011

Steam from the floor of the reactor building at 3000 to 4000 mSv per hour

The average person gets 100, maybe 200 mSv radiation in their lifetime.   And cancer is one of the major killers of humans.

I believe that what they are saying by this video, is that, Ruh-Roh, the corium has escaped beneath the reactor building floor, and is heating and highly irradiating the water, 3000 msV per HOUR!!!!!

Once retired looking expert guy previously suggested a 50 foot deep trench all around the reactor complex, and then fill with concrete.   Very logistically difficult even in "normal conditions" with lots of cheap labor and otherwise easy working conditions.

This train wreck is nothing less than a crime against humanity.   They (TEPCO and gang) keep playing the story lines different, now the story will be ---all the damage was done in the first 1.5 hours, therefore all our later efforts were not to blame.  

It is hard to treat and guard against a continuously dispersed amount of long lived radioactive particles, which is what is happening.   A reverse osmosis system for your whole house water supply will help.   Around $2500 for raw equipment, plus installation, electrical, plumbing, space.    Long term electricity cost and occasional RO membrane replacement.  

The air should be pretty OK in the future, the Rad will accumulate in the soil, water, animals, plants.  

Food supply may be tough to deal with.   I don't know the answer.    A year or two of storage won't fix this problem.  

Check the video here:


  1. When we look back at this in history, it's going to be seen as much worse in many ways that Chernobyl was. I'm still wondering why they don't simply entomb it in cement like the soviets did. 

  2. Hey Steveo, wanted to bring a chart to your attention.  Copper hopped aboard the 20sma on the daily this week and backfilled it nicely.  Also, the downtrendline on Copper which was resistance in mid March and mid April, served nicely as support this week (or last, can't remember.)

    Regarding the VOS, I get a little skeptical the farther we get away from price.  Certainly the "short" signal that it gave on your chart in 3/10 and 12/10 was too premature.  So nothing does work all the time.  Those two recent brief breaks below the lone suggest to me that a real break is coming. Just a matter of time.

    Thanks for taking the time to post and explain.

  3. Not sure why, wishful thinking?
    Ground water in the whole area is saturated with highly radioactive water, they probably can't get to the "blobs", so covering them now would maybe create a steam explosion scenario.   This needs to be a full on take no prisoners military action and Japan doesn't have a real military. 
    Gov should tell TEPCO---you are dead already---step aside, we now control all your resources, plus the self defense, plus any help from US military, whoever, really.


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