Friday, June 3, 2011

Volatility on Steroids - Holy Grail

Hawaii Trading pointed out these fractals last Wednesday, and predicted a whippy ramp followed by a sharp drop.   How true that became!   Below the chart is the link to the original chart.

That lower orange line is like a multiyear line in the sand.   It images better than Vix alone.

Funny the VOS appears to be an amazing indicator, and yet have never had a single comment on it.   I guess people don't like Steroids?

Earlier post on VOS


  1. Just trying a post with my "new" Avatar

  2. i've been expecting a stock plunge on Mon/Tue so i like this a lot!

  3. Visited your site, like it. 
    So are you playing SPY puts and calls primarily?
    How do you annotate your screen captures?   Looks like free hand.

  4. yeah - i stick to the s&p 500 -- who needs a stock gapping 10 points on some random news flow
    I do use trend lines to write my notes - i could use thinkorswim - it allows text notes - but it's not to hard to "write" using lines
    Vix setup strikes me as what could be expected after a series of 1-2 waves
    as soon as selling gets intense it's back up into a 2 wave

  5. it's a full-time job to stay on top of one symbol (spy) i actually can't imagine trying to trade more than, say, one other symbol in addition.

    I trade SPY etf -- puts and calls as well - I intend to start trading futures soon -- lots of move happen in the overnight session - it's aggravating to miss a move not having access to futures

  6. Yeah it is something like 75% of the moves now happen at night....amazing.


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