Saturday, June 4, 2011

VOS Indicator In Detail, Comparison Chart to SPX

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Same Thing but "Full Size" click on the image for more detail.

VOS by HawaiiTrading

And finally, right above here..... a download link for the full size picture.

In reply to Bucky, on a different post, here is the detailed candle fractal version of the chart, and you can see why Dec 2010 and Mar 2011 were indeed different from the double bottom dip. The Double dip that worked int he past were within a month or so from each other. Dec 2010 and Mar 2011 were just singularities.


  1. Great Chart Hawaii!    I am constantly looking for fractal patterns - this is a good one

  2. Thanks for stopping in.   Where you from?

  3. Please stop spamming other blogs that are not trading blogs. Thank you.

  4. OK, I see, the double pump.

  5. I will volunteer to unlurk and comment more often!

    Thanks for putting in the effort..

  6. I use candles 99% of the time, but on the comparison chart, thinkorswim forces the chart into line mode.   Just the way it is.

  7. I am checking with wikipedia to make sure they register "unlurk" as a verb, thanks!

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  9. Princess Juliana Airport, here we come!


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