Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reverse run on the Banks / Bank failure on Thursday

After Iposted the below, then a contributor sent this article, sickly humourous

A reverse run on the bank

Funny, now they are pimping out “leverage” “problems” as the banks get more cash.

You know for the Bernank, this is the last thing he wants…he wants people to pile into risky assets.

Never seen a Thursday announcement, they always wait until Friday.

Bank Closing - Public Savings Bank, Huntingdon Valley, PA
On Thursday, August 18, 2011, Public Savings Bank (CERT #34130), Huntingdon Valley, PA was closed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. All deposits, excluding certain brokered deposits, were transferred to the acquiring institution. For further information, please visit the FDIC web site: Public Savings Bank (
The FDIC does not send unsolicited e-mail. If this publication has reached you in error, or if you no longer wish to receive this service, please unsubscribe.

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