Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nothing matters until it does

This all started with the contrived "debt default", when in actuallity the US is defaulting every time it decide to print money, increase the monetary supply. 

For months we been stating, Nothing matters until it does.   Now somehow, everything matters.  

Certainly this can be just a primer shot for QE3, get people scared enough, grab some more power and print some more money.

What happens next?  I think up, and soon.  Today was a surprise though, volume was huge, P/C IS HUGE.  
We will see.

I thought this funny, not in a good way.   The traders on the exchange wear a uniform, with the Amercian flag.    Yet the goings on of late are far from American.   If the pig was not floating, it couldn't crash...who the heck filled it with helium?

I love the American flag.   I guess there is no law against anyone wearing it.  Especially if they are doing God's work.

Amazon is out of flags

You can get some here.

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