Monday, August 22, 2011

Nuclear Testing and Fukushima

Fukushima has at least 2.5 Million pound of uranium product on site.   They are all at risk.

8 pounds of plutonium is needed to make a nuclear bomb.   I am not saying that make Fukushima equal to 300,000 nuclear bombs.   But one could easily surmist that Fukusima could easily release as much radiation as 1000 or 10,000 nuclear bombs.

Much of the radiation from nuclear bombs is short lived, i.e. Iodine, which is effectively gone away in 80 days.    Much of the radiation isotopes being continuously produced at Fukushima are long lived....they will be around in force for our lives, and even your grand children's lives.

This disaster is not being processed correctly.   It needs to be a war.   

A look at number of prior nuclear tests.

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