Monday, August 8, 2011

Sloppy Joe Six Pack / Mercury Retrograde

If you follow the above link to New York Times, and then go down right and read the 733 comments....well, just skim 20 of them, you will realize that 90% of America is plumb freakin' crazy.

Read it, read the blame game, the finger pointing game, the tax increasing game, the "only gov spending can create jobs at this time" idiocy. 

America has plenty of financial, intellectual, and natural resources.  
The stock market pricing is not at all any indication of wealth, yet 15 years ago, I thought this was the case.   I was proud of our "stock market" as a symbol of wealth, usually always going up.  

I am hardly paying attention to London.   But people are mad, hell ya, lots of mad people everywhere.   Most don't even understand what they are mad about, it just is.   A phase, a wave.

This kind of feels like a P3, primary wave down, of cycle or super cycle degree in Elliot Wave terms.    Sure is steep.

From my little Pacific anecdotal slice of life, I can assure you that people (customers, past clients) are just going off, about the silliest things.   Fear and Greed make for an interesting Sloppy Joe Six Pack.

Let me break this down quickly for you.    Although I like astronomy and think that it affects us far more than we know and like to admit, I am not big on Astrology.   However, this Mercury retrograde thing is by personal observation, very strong.   Google it.   Bottom line...not just physical communication methods, but the act of communicating at all can get very screwed up, and your computer might just blow up or scramble it's operating system.   So back stuff up.    August 2 started the Retrograde, it goes to the 26th. 

 Here is an old article I did in a prior retrograde, how to backup computer, you don't have to do all of it, each piece is valuable by itself.
Mercury Retrograde
BEFORE Mercury stations Retrograde is the ideal time to finish projects that involve communication and close big deals. Ordering and purchasing, especially for business, can be continually problematic if purchases are initiated during Mercury Retrograde. Letters can get lost in the mail, machinery can break down, computers can go haywire; connections don't always work. Mercury Retrograde is not an aspect you'll want in the chart of a new venture unless you thrive on ongoing stress or if you're starting a repair business or anything that is recurring. Take care of external communications -- that's what can get dysfunctional and problematic. Problems that come up are not usually not enough stop you from making progress. It's just that there can be annoying little unexpected and unplanned-for buggy things with the potential to delay progress and otherwise try to trip your switches.

Mercury the trickster, however, has a dual nature. During retrograde periods, while there are problems with external communications, the inner communications part works better. Use this time profitably to get in touch with yourself. Analyze the information you've already collected, re-think and evaluate plans before jumping to action, meet with old friends.

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  1. Interesting as Mercury was the Roman god of commerce and trade.


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