Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spike Bottoms and H&S

lack of participation on the blog, makes me think this is a top, top we might not see for another decade.

People seems to be all ramped up from this "Debt non-event" so much that maybe it is an event, just 'cuz.

We have sold off plenty of this nature, percent fall, just in the last rally.  

But we did break the uptrend line from March 2009 lows, Hank's 666.   So maybe this does matter.

It won't matter until it does.

The recent 6 month Head and Shoulders was also broke, but that has happened in the past, and they were both incredible bear traps---fail by 4% and then ramp steeply and relentlessly.   This one failed by more like 3%.


  1. this looks like a good site, for japan nuclear updates.

  2. been linking there and going there frequently.   They are a bit over zealous, but still best in class, well this one is great also.

  3. Sorry haven't been around more.  Life got busy for me!  But I still read just about everything you write.

  4. Right on, same here, even though exciting I can't afford the time or the whiplash to get caught up in the minute by minute hijinks.   Posted my trading plan above, got to stick to it and time budgets.


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