Wednesday, September 21, 2011

End of the Beginning of the Mid Game

Opening Game, Middle Game, End Game....whats your favorite ...‎?

Opening game was QE1, QE2

Mid Game was QE2.5, and the so called Jobs Bill that might take a while to pass, so we are just in the beginning of the Mid-Game.

They have already put alot at risk, without noticeable positive results, well except that we didn't fall into a GD1 style malaise of zero business, zero jobs.   Ben's playbook must support Obama, so to fill the gap until jobs Bill is passed and working, Ben needs to to do than "twist" and shout.

How about this one?   They have kept "buying debt", but how about just retiring the debt, paying it off and not refinancing it?    This would reduce their balance sheet, convinve Joe Q public that things are on the right track.   (Con)findence is neeeded.   

This would also serve to ramp up equities, since adding money to the system will support higher prices as people try to buy "hard assets" i.e. pieces of companies, stock.   This will support the retirement systems that are heaviliy invested in the market and still behind.

BRING IN THE HELICOPTER.    Seriously, instead of rolling over debt, refinancing it, just print 500,000,000 and hand it to people as their various debt instrucments mature.   They can do this, physically.   I have heard it 100 times that they can't just print money, and the answer is...sure they can.     

Inflationary?   sure.   
Good for Gold?   Maybe, I am not sure how much fear is baked into price of gold.  
Bad for savers? Of course, your money becomes more and more worthless. 

Good for Equities (stocks), sure, why not expand the multiples of P/E.

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