Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Financial institutions stare into the abyss

The below are all link on FT which is usually pretty good, not so blatantly slanted as US MSM.

The need for concerted action is greater than ever, as imbalances across the eurozone are replicated globally, reports Chris Giles
Eurozone: Debt crisis deepens on Greek default fears

The role of the central bank is under increased scrutiny, writes Ralph Atkins
Across the zone: Member states’ finances dissected

Leading actors in the eurozone drama come under the spotlight, write FT reporters
Public finances: Austerity drive slides into rancour and risk

German and US moves keep fiscal policy in flux, writes Chris Giles
Reforms: Banks locked in vicious circle as regulators debate tougher rules

A debate is raging about how much lenders should do to protect themselves, writes Patrick Jenkins
Central banks: The path to recovery proves to be a long and painful one

There is still no consensus on the risks of extra monetary stimulus, says Robin Harding
The third arm: Macroprudential policy

Its implementation will be a case of trial and error, as officials are well aware, writes Claire Jones
Markets: Optimistic investors in short supply as volatility continues

The euro crisis and US recession are hitting confidence, says Norma Cohen
Balance sheets: Central banks walk a monetary tightrope

Claire Jones looks at the risks and rewards of recent measures to supply liquidity
Mario Draghi: Set to inherit an ECB in crisis

The challenges facing the Italian central banker, when he takes over as ECB president on November 1, could hardly be greater, writes Ralph Atkins
Global growth: Uphill battle for French G20 presidency
IMF: Lagarde faces tough baptism over Greek debt
Commodities: Are high oil prices bad for the global economy?
WTO: World waits to move on after Doha

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