Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clarity by Charts

Well we expected long, but that was kind of amazing, the pychobots have really got the game nailed, along with the ability to just ram the market at the bears.

That "walkdown" orderly drop of the market to nail the 78 Fibo retrace on the day ( probably scared out many longs who saw nice profits disappear).

This is a currency game.  We have all been reduced to currency traders.   Fiat rules the roost.   What a sad state of affairs our so called market have been reduced to, even when I can profit from those shenanigans. 

3 charts for clarity, Cable may run up 1% or so, but then it really has to decide....breakout or breakdown.

At the bottom a nice indicator chart by Breakpoint Trades.   Sign up at this site, costs no more, gets me some free membership time.

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