Monday, October 3, 2011

BPT Free Report

BPT has offered for Hawaii Trading to present this free full on report with Audio Overlay.

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Example trade idea, sure they all went down, this pattern is sweet though, even in a bounce this could be a backtest and more down.


  1. This is feeling tricky, even though we go down nice and orderly. Maybe that's why it feels tricky? A little too well-mannered...I'd feel better if we had a Dow -500 day or something. This seems like it could spring back and kill shorts in an hour.

    Not that I'd go long. That really feels like suicide!

  2. Exactly, the pychobots have really got it nailed. It was a classic, entice the bears, with a trendline break, or 3 or 4% and then slam them with a vertical shot too scary to even jump on long.

    I did, but I got off at ES 1111

    What a farce, only market makers acting in unison produce results like that.


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