Monday, October 3, 2011

Put call quite high very high

Put call extremely high. Perhaps everyone is right, and we are about to, for a change this time, fall off the edge of the flat world.

That end of day looked quite like some capitulation bottom, good enough to be believable.

Plenty of fakeouts. I went into Sunday short, and that worked great, got stopped out of short late late night Sunday like 4 hours before the open, as I was protecting profits. Typical that they just barely hit my stops and I missed a goodly amount of more profit today. took some trades today, but the fakeouts on Cable were tremendous, perfect. Cable, ES, and Euro are all jockeying around key Bernoulli channel support line. Tiring out those who are watching, then when you take your eye off the ball....BOOM, the big move.

The psychobots sure have become good.

 from Sunday

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