Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Charts

Just last month we were at 1068 on the ES, a historic rise, crushing bears when the put/call was at a decades long high. In broad daylight, bears were robbed and it appears to be legal.

Last Wednesday I wrote:
When Gold and SPX both go up, almost equally, it may just be a anti-USD correlation, or it may mean that fear and flight to US assets are both occuring. 

Bucky is in a serious downsloping wedge,  likely it break upward and pretty soon, say 1 week or less.
Here is that link

Although things are very bullish, this pullback could be constructive prior to heading into Santa rally. The HBB boyz love their bonuses.

But with everyone so bullish, and the put call at low levels not seen in a while, this drop could extend, and the B177 black downtrend line, was respected, i.e. it caused the drop in ES.
Trade well, protect capital, but not with too tight of stops!

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