Monday, October 10, 2011

Put call still very very high, Snorg Tee "K Winter"

Put call at historically high levels....un huh, I guess that means that Joe Six pack got it right,  and Joe is about to  be rewarded for his unerring attention to true market manipulation conditions.   Yeah right.    HBB hates seeing Joe win, it is not just about them making money, it is about Joe getting slammed, they love that.    Time and time again, it is a cycle of up and down and lately full support from media manipulation also.    And Cramer, Cramer indeed

I love these Snorg Tee Commercials

My first thought was "impish chick" it was "Kondratieff Winter Is Coming"

This cycle down will likely last until 2015 to 2019.   That is quite a long time of slogging your way downward.   

This is going to be like being forced to run a marathon the minute after you got out of the hospital for pnemonia.   

Take your vitamins, train in cardiovascular exercise, seriously

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