Monday, November 14, 2011

At least he wasn't shot

Makana Explains Why He Sang Protest Song to APEC Leaders in Hawaii

Hawaiian guitarist Makana says he put his fears aside and listened to his heart when he chose to repeatedly sing his protest song, "We Are the Many," to world leaders gathered for an APEC dinner Saturday.

This other Hawaiian man was actually shot and killed by a 27 year old Federal agent in town for APEC, they were both on the street during late night party times, not anything to do with APEC or the agents job.

The agent was formerly a bean counter type, who through and intergovernmental job change, got to carry a gun.    Local citizens of Hawaii NEVER get a concealed carry permit, yet a federal agent can fly in and carry a gun while he is out partying.   

Word has it that the agent was not charged, and that he was whisked away on an airplane.  

This is not a joke.   Drunk with power.


  1. I am afraid this story of the federal agent's behavior reeks of the fascist world view of a federal government gone mad with power.
    It does not bode well of what type of oppression may be coming down the road.

  2. indeed, when they don't bring out any "true story" with credibility, the assumption is that the process was unsavory, murder.

  3. They did charge him, AFTER the world leaders for APEC had left the islands.   So there is a chance for truth to emerge, at least a chance.


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