Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Calling Tops is a Fools Game, Call me a Fool

Indeed this is a strong uptrend in a cyclically bullish timeframe, 4th quarter before election.

New York Summation could be signalling near top, but in a strong uptrend this can just keep floating near the top.

 Cometo NDX chart shows some internal trendline resistance, could be a big downer soon.

Here is the link to the real chart, so you can track it yourself in realtime.   BPT does this link thing all the time, which is awesome, because if you are "letting the market come to you", rather than just jumping into a trade because that makes you feel like you "are working/trading", IF you are doing it right, you need to be watching it in real time for your entry   AND more important, for your exit and stop.


Comets, Earthquakes, and Full Moons, see previous articles, all in play right now.   Sunspots too.


  1. Yomiuri: Local gov’t near Tokyo unable to handle “such a high level of
    radiation” — Cesium clouds spread over many areas of capital — 57 µSv/hr
    area yet to be decontaminated 
    Radioactive Pollen... Tokyo: Up to 2,000 grains inhaled in 1 cubic meter of air —  
    NHK: Radioactive materials found in Tokyo Bay at 15 times legal limit —  
    Japan unveils plan to develop massive gov’t “backup city” 300 miles west of Tokyo

  2. Oh yeah, almost beyond belief,98% of everyone still doesn't get it.

  3. as an investor, i have to keep tabs on fukishima, because gorbechev said chernobyl medical and re-location costs, bankrupted russia.
    tokyo, had to re-locate 200,000 top brass  out of tokyo.
    that's a poker tell.

  4. indeed some leap puts on japan related stock could be prescient.   I love that country, but the government and energy industry ogliophs are sickening, literally.


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