Monday, November 28, 2011

ES Egg launch Pad Forming

No one gets on the Bus to Santa Rally that easy.    If I was to take a long now, it would have to be very short term and cash out, OR be willing to live through some pain.

"They" hit my Euro long stop perfectly, one of those "worst executions" possible, annoying at best.

Tried to get back on Euro long, and been worked back and forth.   Perfect deception when their only tool is price (well, insider knowledge of stop placement, media, HFT, and all that other jazz)


  1. i have trouble with stops too. some of mine get hit, right at the bottom of a good long i'm holding.
    stupid HFT's, always sending out 100 to 300 share feeler orders....
    no way to protect from that, i guess.

  2. They don't need the feeler orders really, they pretty much collude on aggregate stop placement, of course they do.   IMHO.   Or the biggest boys control enough of the action they can infer overall market stop placement, on a large scale, traders are predictable to the HAL 20000 Bots, methinks

  3. something is happening. i'll be glad when i run across an article that helps explain how "they" can target stops.
    then i can my stop, 5 cent under that stop.

  4. They know where most all of the stops are placed, they sell that information, seriously you can order it.   It is called different things Level 2, whatever, it is patently illegal and goes against the concept of a price discovery mechanism, but the whole world is kind of weird right now.


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