Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flat into Weekend

Completely flat into weekend, busy with personal activities, and don't feel like gambling, as I probably can't monitor the market, any moves could be quickly reversed. 

Some great pictures from

I have some experience with the Chinese, did business with them in around 1995, learned a bit of language, visited.   But I never bought into this China is Great, bubble.   Somehow this "art" from China reinforces that idea.   I guess "red china" is a reality based on the red toilets!? LOL

Plenty of powerful forces in the universe.   Magnetic Storms, Gamma Rays, Neutrons flying faster than light (maybe), Sunspots and Magnetism.    And the human ego, ignoring all that doesn't place humans at the center of the universe.   Open your eyes, get away from the TV, get away from over reading blogs!    Go hiking, clear your head.    Take a moment to "Watch the thinker", there is a natural mechanism that occurs that causes us to "think continuously" because we believe that thinking is work and working is good, and in fact this overthinking obscures the reality in front of us.    Give some non-thought to that, seriously.


  1. Is that picture second from the bottom Volcanic lightning?

  2. Absolutely right. Will all this garbage we're worrying about mean a damn thing in 100 years? Probably not. But the next several years will sure be interesting.

    BTW, put/call took a dive last Friday, even though equity is still higher than average. A rally today would be a great opportunity to sell hard.

  3. i like that picture of volcanic lightning.
    Never seen that before!!!


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