Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Humans operate as "A Pack" a Lesson in Global Psychology

Humans operate as a Pack, or a herd some may say.

There is a mass global psychology, kind of like the cooperation in a bee hive.   Although I think that perhaps bees are a little better behaved.

Humans are complex, it is not easy to be able to ponder the mysteries of the universe, dive into our own DNA and see things that can't be seen, and yet be chock full of all of the emotions, fears, greed and a host of animalistic instincts, all while making sure to convince our own ego that we are "good people".

Those who are studying pysch might agree this is a good example of "Pack behavior".   See the link at the bottom for the whole story.    Brett Farve who used to play for the Pack, by the way, was fined $50,000 by a sports commission for alleged sexual harassment.    This is an example of how important Packs are to us.   This was a legal matter of supposed sexual harassment.   At the very least a civil matter.

Why does society allow sports authorities to "take care of their own".    Simple, because sports teams are our packs, and any psychologist will tell you that packs are VERY important to human beings.   It really makes no other sense, and flies in the face of all Federal and State laws, and the Constitution.

It is funny how humans go so far out of the way to distance themselves from other animals, at least in their own minds.

Wait-- THIS IS A TRADING BLOG--what the heck are you talking about steveo!!  ??

If the answer to that is not obvious to you after some more thought, then nothing I say could possibly make you see the relevance.   If that is the case, you are blocking the truth from yourself in a way.

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