Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Intersection of Hell and High Water

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ES is at a crossroads.   It is actually coldest right before the dawn.   I used to ride a motorcycle to work, and when I used to go in early to get a good workout in before work (I would ride at around 4AM), it was way warmer than when I went in for normal work schedule (riding around 6AM).

And so it is with market turns,

This one is from Marketguy, an avid poster on Breakpointtrades, which is a paid service with a great blog, and no trolls.

Put call is moderately low, that would allow for a drop based on recent high levels.   However the longer term averages show the put call to not be exceptionally low, so I wouldn't place strong bets based on this.


  1. Good work Steveo.  I concur that we are reaching an intersection point.
    This is one of my favorite blogs, along with Jesse's Cafe American.
    Appreciate the work you do here.

  2. How you been doing PW, I got that intersection feeling again.


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